Who Am I? Yoga Book

Who Am I? Exploring Yoga and Psychedelics!

Beyond alignment and the physical effects of yoga, there are the spiritual and metaphysical effects. One may experience a softening of boundaries, a greater sense of well-being, oneness with the universe, waves of gratitude and also find some tender spots that are hard to access and lead to fear, anxiety, and confusion. A rich full practice of yoga and meditation is likely to wake you up to aspects of life that you never experienced before. For better or worse, these experiences that we have on mat and zafu are in some ways comparable to what users of psychedelics go through. This was part of the appeal of yoga in the United States back when it started to catch on in the late 60's and early 70's. More recently, during the wide growth and acceptance of yoga this perhaps controversial aspect has been shelved as yoga's use as an antidote to stress and aid to physical fitness have been more widely promoted. This book brings new focus to this portion of the Western yoga tradition. In his book, Who Am I?, the author Allowah Lani, explores the history of the use of psychedelics among the ancient yogis and follows it to present day. He also takes us along with him on his very personal spiritual journey. Through research and interviews and his own life experience he weighs the pros and cons of using psychedelics to help navigate one's inner terrain. Thoughtful, heartfelt and informative, anyone who has an interest in this subject matter will love this book It is currently available at www.YogaBooksWholesale.com

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