Yoga Life Style - Bheka Ray Greenberg Podcast with J Brown

Bheka Long Life Yoga Mats Lead to
My 60 Minutes in the Spotlight

I was talking to a long time customer about how much he loves my Long Life Yoga Mats because of the their extreme stickiness and durability and so I asked him for a testimonial.  He said he would love to give me one and he asked me if I would come on his podcast to talk about life in the yoga supply business.  I was surprised but delighted.  I have certainly done wackier things to promote the business and I like J and of course his enthusiasm for my gear.

J. Brown Yoga Talks Interview with Ray Greenberg     

 The show is very cool.  J talks for 15 minutes about his Holidays before the show starts and for the squeamish be warned that he curses a bit, but once the interview starts there is no more of that :--)  It really gave me a chance to reflect on this path I have chosen and explore how much I love what I do.  I would be thankful for any feedback.  Click the image to hear it.