Neck Free, Pain Free Headstand with Chairs Using the Bheka Turtle

Neck Free, Pain Free Headstand with Chairs Using the Bheka Turtle

Neck Free, Pain Free Headstand with Chairs

Bheka Turtle Makes Neck Free Headstand More Relaxed Than Ever!

Sometimes unlikely combinations create something that is more than the sum of their parts. The Bheka Turtle was originally created as a meditation cushion and a chair cover for restorative and therapuetic poses. While it is wonderful for those things, I discovered it makes a very comfortable nest for your shoulders when doing chair assisted headstands as is often taught in Iyengar studios. Having the neck free makes the practice safe for people with cervical vertebrae issues and using the Turtle really relieves any pressure on the shoulders by spreading it as much as possible Into the deep cushion.

Neck Free, Pain Free Completely Relaxed Headstand Using Chairs and Bheka Turtles

Neck Free, Pain Free Headstand : The Setup
All you need for this set up is two sturdy chairs and two Bheka Turtles. If you do not have any Turtles you can use blankets or folded over layers of yoga mats for cushioning but you will have much more pressure on your shoulders than with the Turtles. Notice the non-slip feet on the chairs. If you don't have that you can put them on yoga mats. I like the stability of these chairs facing forward but with folding chairs you may prefer to have them facing each other. Keep them near the wall so your feet can reach the wall for maximum relaxation.


Neck Free, Pain Free Headstand:
Getting Started

Once you have the chairs set up you just need to insert your head and bend your knees. I call this the Ostrich pose and it is great for hiding from your yoga teacher. You won't be lingering here for long though. Press weight into the hands, tighten the abs and roll up into headstand.

Neck Free, Pain Free Headstand:
Doing it Right

Rolling up into the pose means just that. First bring your knees to your elbows and rest there for a few breaths, getting used to the inversion and feeling whatever comes up for you. When you feel comfortable raise the knees to above your hips but keep your knees bent. Your feet may find the wall here and that is OK. Again relax, breathe and sense into the pose. Finally, straighten the legs for the full posture with the legs away from the wall. You can do split leg variations from here if you like. In the next step you will find the most relaxing way of doing this beneficial inversion.



Neck Free, Pain Free Headstand:
Relax Completely

To find total relaxation let your feet rest against the wall, so balance is less of a concern. Then release your arms and just hang. Ahhh....

The organic buckwheat hull stuffing in your Bheka Turtles provides just the right amount of firm yet gentle support letting you maintain this posture as long as you like.

Neck Free, Pain Free Headstand: Go Down and Come Up Slowly

When you are ready to come down, bring the hands back to the chair so you can engage your abs and slowly lower down the way you went up. First bring the feet away from the wall, then bend the knees, then bring the knees to your elbows and then slowly lower the feet to the floor. Stop. Stay in this position, the Ostrich pose, for a few breathes. The longer you are inverted the more slowly you should come up. Once you sense that the blood has truly stabilized then feel free to stand up. If you cannot tell what's happening with your blood pressure just count 12 breaths before coming fully up. If you have any questions or suggestions please post them below.

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