Mysore Yoga Inversion Strap Beginner Instructions For Hanging on a Door or Wall

Mysore Yoga Strap Door Use Instructions

Beginning Details of using the Mysore Yoga Door and Ceiling Inversion Strap

Instructions for a Basic Inversion for Relief of Back Pain and more

MysoreInversionStrapPelvicSwingDoorMounted MysoreYogaStrapPelvicSwingDoorMounted

Mysore Yoga Strap - Adjustable Triglide 

Correct Height for basic hang is just below the fingertips, around mid- MysoreInversionSacralPelvicSwingDoorMounted
Mysore Yoga Strap Mounted on a Door using our new door fittings. Basic inversion pose tractions the spine, massages the lumbar vertebrae, increases blood flow to the head and improves digestion.

The instructions below presuppose that you have safely rigged your Mysore Inversion Strap on your door or wall. Always consult an expert on first installation to make sure your door or wall is sturdy enough for such use.

Adjusting the Strap

MysoreYogaStrapAdjustableTriglide CorrectHeightforDoorMountedMysoreStrap
Mysore Yoga Strap - Adjustable Triglide Correct Height for basic hang is just below the fingertips, around mid-thigh.

Find the silver tri-glides on the side of each strap. adjust them so the center of the padded area hangs at mid thigh when you are standing fully erect and on your feet.

Getting into the Strap

PelvicSwingWithSherpaCover LeaningINtoTheMysoreInversionSling

First Stand between the door or wall and the strap. Then lean back into the strap. Be sure to leave your feet by the door and let the strap begin to bear your weight.

Now Comes the Cool Part

PreparingtoLaunchOnAnInversionStrapSling HangingOnASacralWebForSpinalTraction DoorApparatusForInversionSpinalTraction
First Foot Always on the hinge side of the door. Second Foot Second Hand

Here is where you start to leave the ground. But before you do you should double check you are on the outside of the door, not the inside.
      You never want to be on the side where the door opens toward you, always on the side where the door would open away. When on the outside of the door the door jambs also hold the door in place with the hinges and door knob. If you were on the inside of the door only the door knob would be keeping the door in place.
     Ok, now you are ready to start. Bring your hand on the door knob side to the molding or wall next to the door with that arm extended. Then raise your opposite foot, the one on the hinge side of the door, to the door near the jamb about midway up. Next bring your foot on the knob side to the door above the knob. Once it is firmly in place you can release your second hand to the strap.


SpinalTractionWithYogaSwing TractioningSpineWithPelvicSwing

Once both feet are on the door it is a simple matter of walking them up the sides of the door to fully invert. Notice how both legs are outside the center section of the strap where the body is. Never bring both legs into the center, unless you are prepared to drop out of the strap, since that is most likely what would happen. You may find when you are in this position that the strap has ridden uncomfortably up your back so it is squeezing you mid-torso and not at your hips and sacrum. To adjust this wirggle down a bit. Taking some weight off the strap by pressing gently into your hands on the floor can make this easier to do. Once the strap is where you want it you can return to full inversion. You can stay in full inversion for up to 20 minutes to ease back pain and traction the spine.


You may never feel like getting out of the strap once you are up there but at some point you will have to. If you are like me you may be so blissed out that it is hard to walk the feet midway back down the door and then reach the doorknob side foot down to the floor, reversing the process you got in with. Fortunately, you don't have to. There is an easier way out. Details are below.

First bring your hands up to the strap. This requires some effort and the first time you do it you may want to be sure someone else is around to help you in case you are not up to it. OK with the hands firmly grasping the strap you pull down on the strap while twisting your body side ways to the door and lower the left and right legs. Here I am swinging my left leg down first and then following with the right. You can also walk both feet down the side of the door jamb.
     Once you get comfortable with this dismount, doing it in reverse is a great way to start a session on the strap. It is actually a little easier to get up on the strap by turning sideways and walking the feet up the jamb, then twisting and putting the legs to the side, than the beginner method. However, the first method shown for getting up is often easier for beginners to do because it is less complicated and you are always facing the door.

Happy Hanging!!!

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