Soft, Soulful, Lovely

What attracted me to this post was the soft soulful loveliness of the photo. When I read the the words behind it, I was struck by the raw beauty of someone speaking their truth. It is a meditation on the selfie and much more.

@sacredseed518 The selfie. This is something I don't normally share or talk about. There is an embarrassment and anxiety that comes up but I am ready to expose myself. For myself and for those who my story may resonate with. - I grew up thinking I was fat and ugly. I grew up thinking I was fat and ugly because I was bombarded with media and a society that had grossly unattainable standards of beauty. I was bombarded with the idea that women's bodies are for the pleasure of others. So I starved myself, I cut myself and I abused myself for years. I hurt myself and I hurt everyone around me. Through yoga and psychedelics, I found a path and the tools for healing. Fast forward to a more mature and empowered incarnation of myself. - Though I have the tools to cope, the trauma still exists. I had this idea that selfies are vain or for the insecure searching for validation. But I am ready to let it fall away. This selfie is to expose myself, to share myself, to illuminate this false shadow of doubt that tells me I'm not good enough, not beautiful enough. I am not perfect but I am enough. And if I take another step in the direction of love, truth and compassion than my life is enough. Hurt people hurt people and healed people heal people. What you do for yourself, you also do for others. I am beautiful. And so are you.

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