Pincha Bow and Arrow

Did someone say Brick House.  Ow!  Brick House.  Time to bring the Funk.

Uptown Funk you up.  Uptown Funk you Up.

Ok so you can see where my mind went, when I saw Funky Pincha Bow and Arrow.  I mean really.  When I started out in yoga there was just plain old Scorpion.  You did it with the wall at first and then in the middle of the room.  Sometimes you did variations but you just sort of made them up.  There was only like one book on yoga poses and it was great but not as comprehensive as the internet.

Oh yes, the internet, of course I'll Google it.  Doh.  So there it is.  What the heck?  Why would anyone take the beautiful symmetry and balance of two poses and merge them into an unbalanced train wreck of a posture?  Some things are just meant to be a mystery, I guess.  Regardless, this is my task, which of course I can not do at all the first time I try.  No lift off.  Whoops.  What do I do now?

Rock it.  If I can't accomplish the pose, at least I can look great trying and have some fun.  Luckily an 11 year old friend of mine made me a gift of her glitter top hat when she got tired of it.  She sort of knew I never would ;--)  The rest I just had around.

And each day I've been returning to the pose, working at my edge and falling alot.  And then whoa, lift off.  I've got a ways to go finding comfort here.  I hadn't even attempted a Scorpion in about 15 years before this challenge, so I need some practice but I am having fun.  I hope you are too.

Give it up for me peeps.  This one is for you!

Happy Thanksgiving From FunkyTown!

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