My Favorite Planned Selfie (so far)

If is funny that one of my favorite photos of myself on Instagram I made casually in a few minutes and it just came out well composed and lovely and garnered a lot of hearts.

It's this one where I am using a Mysore Yoga Backbender:

I did not plan it but I did enjoy sharing it once I had it. This joy of prideful sharing got me looking around for places in my house that might look especially rich in terms of light and color and lines.

 Another thing that seems important is how balanced I look in the pose. How neat my clothes look and how elegantly I hold the pose. Even if I can't give full expression to it I want to make my version look nice. Well, this is the first picture that I really put some thought into that I just love. I love the curve of the twist of my legs, I love the purple walls and outfit, I love that you can't really see my rumpled boxer shorts under my thermal underwear from this angle, I love the light and the shadows and the wood. One thing I don't love is the uneven growth on my gullet. I need to really shave behind my chin more, but frankly I never see that and no one has ever pointed it out. It is funny that I don't think about myself as a vain person, but that is only because I rarely pay attention to my appearance. Now that I am paying attention to it I find that I can be pretty picky. Pretty soon I might even get some actual yoga clothes. Oh my.

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