My Growing Comfort in Today's Yoga World

There are two big breakthroughs I have to report today.  The first having to do with working on the poses and the second revolving around my growing comfort being a yoga model.
My happiness today at being able to accomplish so much of the listed postures is fed by my anticipation of not being able to do them at all. I haven't done Scorpion since before many of my colleagues in this challenge were born and frankly I was not sure I could do it again.  Much less all these variations, most of which I had never seen nor tried.  But each day I have been practicing and as they say, "all is coming".  I am amazed at how much better I can do things today, and joyful that I feel so much more competent, than just 5 days ago.  You might not be able to see it but my face is a lot further from the floor today than it had been previously.  I'm getting more height because I am way more balanced and don't fear pressing up as much.  Plus I am finding that now that I have found equilibrium I am not muscling into the pose as much and it is way easier to do.  Wow.  Too bad you can't see my big smile in the picture.

The second piece is highly personal and I feel a little queasy sharing about it here.  I am trying to keep things real and this is up for me though, so here goes.  I am embarrassed by the bulge in my thermal underwear.  I almost reshot the shot.  Almost.  I have seen all manner of flesh out here both male and female, and all kinds of bulges and outlines and even full nudity before it got kicked off,  all from people with far more followers than me.  And I have rarely shown more than one perfect stranger at a time this much of what I've got  and never hundreds of people all at once.  This is why I like the old recommendation to wear loose comfortable clothing and I always  have done so in yoga class.  We yogis all used to dress in ways that were not revealing, but as yoga got more popular that changed.  I am sure I am still going to teach and take classes in clothes that don't reveal my junk.  Out here I will park my modesty in the interest of working at that edge and hoping to reach people who grew up in the yoga butt yoga world.  Hey, I have gotten used to doing scorpion and lot's of subtle and interesting variations in just a few days.  Hopefully, I can get used to this new level of public exposure in time as well.

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