Bee and Flower vs. Kiss My Face

    You might think after a multi-month break from blogging during which momentous changes have occurred in my life, like my kicking my nicotine habit and my girlfriend and her six year old daughter moving in with me that I would rejoin you with something BIG!  I'm sure I will share some heavy stuff with you here at some point, but right now I'm real excited about something small that is ripe today.
     Way back in January, I had an idea for a series of blogs about a competition between Bee and Flower and Kiss My Face soaps.  They are both all natural, vegan soaps easy on the Earth and good for my sensitive skin.  I was at the health food store trying to decide which to buy.  The Bee and Flower bars are small and cost about $1.25.  The Kiss My Face Olive and Aloe is large and and cost about $3.75.  I was caught.  Stuck.  Undecided.
Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Aloe Soap

     I like the scent of the Bee and Flower varieties especially Sandalwood and Rose.  I appreciate the heft of the Olive Oil Bar and the feel of it on my skin.  Since I dig them both for different reasons this line of thought wasn't helping me decide which to get.  So I tried to think about which was a better bargain.  Here again I was flummoxed.  Bee and Flower bars were a bit over 2 ozs each and the Olive bar 6 point something.  The bigger bar is 3 times the weight and 3 times the cost.  No help there.   I thought since they start small the Bee and Flowers might vanish quicker but they are very hard and might not wash away so fast.  I thought that the olive bar  was softer and might not last very long but the truth was I just couldn't figure it out.  Then I realized for a little over $7.00 I could do a test.  And I could report the results here. 
     I bought 3 bars of Bee and Flower and one Olive Oil and Aloe and the competition was begun.  Each bathing day I switched off, one day using the Bee and Flower the next using the Kiss My Face bar and so on.  It wasn't very scientific.  One morning I might be in a hurry, another I might take a bath.  Weekends when my girlfriend slept over were the trickiest, trying to discern which bar she used and then using the other.  But what I hoped was that over time all this would even out and somehow a clear winner would emerge.  I thought of sharing about this whole thing while it was happening but I never got motivated to do it, till now.
     Yesterday, 6 months after I started doing this and 6 weeks after my solitary living was replaced with family life a definite result emerged.  Here is the picture:
Bee and Flower Soap
On top of my girlfriend's jar of facial scrub you can see the result of my months of disciplined soap use.  Fairly even chips of Bee and Flower and Kiss My Face Olive Oil and Aloe are left.   So after all that, I learned that they are both a good deal compared to each other.  If I really want to decide which soap to buy I will have to dig deeper.  Maybe I'll research the respective companies to see who is a better corporate citizen or treats their worker's better.  Or maybe I should just relax and decide by what feels right at the moment?  Maybe I think too much?  Ya think?
   Of course if I didn't I might not have anything to blog about.....  Have a great day.  I'll try to stay in touch now that I'm back.....


  1. Hi, I am surprised I am the first to comment on the Great Vegan Budget Soap Bar Teat!
    My advice: Forget the relative cost at about 10c a week by my rough calculation, which one did you find the most pleasant? That is the BIG factor here.
    BTW, now that you have a family (everyone should have one) maybe it is time to take your own advice and FEEL or the lovely girlfriend might decide that your time spent researching such things is time she would rather you spend with her and her little girl! Your recently adopted (five minutes ago) grandfather has spoken.

  2. Hi Gramps,
    I love the Kiss My Face and it is so large that by the time I am done with it, I crave a different soap experience. One thing nice about Bee and Flower is that you get to change scents every so often since they each last less long than a larger bar. I'm lucky the thoughtful (obessessive) part of my nature is something that helps my lady to feel safe and taken care of or else I'd be in trouble. Fortunately I can turn it off and get mushy too. Thanks for caring.
    PS Right now i am using some found soap from Disney Resorts, finishing a bar started on our March vacation that waited till the other soap was all gone....