Pincha Hollowback

Here is my Pincha Hollowback .

My 90 year old mom is facing surgery for a bad valve in her heart, so my sister and I are doing our best to understand the medical part so we know the right questions to ask, so Mom can make an informed decision. She is not real patient with this sort of research but still plenty sharp enough to understand the options once we sort through the medical jargon, so I had to write a summary of what I had found. Plus I am working on a book called the Path of the Yoga Studio Owner that compiles the wisdom of 19 successful women (all of whom are my customers) in the hope that their experiences can inform others who are thinking about starting their own studio(s) or already have one but need some fresh ideas to keep it moving forward. It is a fun project and it is nearly ready but each time I work on it, it grows. Originally slated to be small at around 10 pages, it is now 40 pages and will be more when complete.

I am looking at this picture in disbelief that it is me doing a pretty fair Hollowback Pincha. Back when the physical postures were a large part of my practice, I could never really do this one, so I expected now some 20 years later I would not get near it. Evidently the series of poses before this were the perfect warm up because my head never floated so far forward on this variation before.

Thanks to our gracious hosts for laying it out so well.

Peace Out Brothers and Sisters,


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