The Story of Spooky Bendy Yoga Skelly

Flexible Skeleton does Sun Salutation in poster form Surya Namaskar
The Spooky Bendy Yoga Skelly story is really cool.  I bought a few dozen of these flexible 5 inch skeletons to share with my friends who I go to the Gathering of the Vibes with.  Since we are all into the Grateful Dead, I thought it would be a nice toy to play with during the festival.  Fortunately I had bought a dozen since they were cheap and I only needed 7 or 8 for my friends, so I took 4 out to play with.
     My live-in girlfriend's daughter was 8 at the time and we started playing a game where one of us hides the 4 skellys and the other one has to find them.  When all 4 are found we changed roles, so the finder becomes the hider for the next round.  Another rule is some part of he Skelly has to be visible with out opening anything or looking under things.  Some part has to be in plain sight.  Well, this game went on for days and days.  Before school and work, after school and work, many times over the weekend.  We found it endlessly amusing.  Sometimes we would even pose the figures doing comical things like using a soup bowl as a hot tub or doing a difficult yoga pose.  Hey wait did someone say yoga pose!  What a cool idea.  I wonder if Skelly can really do a lot of them?  Well it turns out he can!
       So now he became Skelly with a purpose.  I realized I could cut him a little 6 inch yoga mat and it would be proportional and really cute and cool.  Since I had a line on getting the flexible skeletons inexpensively there was room to make this a product, so I bought a couple of hundred Skellys, cut a few hundred mats and took some photos of them in poses.  Well, it caught the imagination of my customers when I shared the photos and we sold out right away and I had to get more.  Eventually my supplier ran out of Skellys and we had to stop.  During the year since I had been hunting for more Skellys till I finally found a supplier who could help me and well now they are back and there is no risk of running out ;--)
     But wait you say, what happened to my friends getting Skellys and how long did the game with my girlfriends little girl continue.  Well, if there is a sad part to this story, this is it.  I sold hundreds and hundreds of Skellys and when my supplier ran out I was caught off guard.  I needed every available Skelly to fill orders.  I didn't even have any to play with anymore.  I had one or two that I needed to hold onto to help me find the exact ones I needed.  No more playing and no gift Skellys.  Until now of course.   Here's what my girlfriends little girl found at her place at the breakfast table this morning.
Spooky Yoga Bendy Skellys at breakfast

     And my Vibes Tribe will get get thier Skellys this year, but don't tell them.  Let's keep it a surprise!
     The poster at the top was my idea to show off Skelly's incredible flexibility and how cool he looks on the mat.  If you want a printable version or more information about Skellys here's a link to their page on my site.