Reviewing the Mysore Yoga Back Bender

The Mysore Yoga Back Bender! This versatile prop was initially created for yogis who wanted to enhance and deepen their spinal flexibility and open their chests. While it does traction the spine and expand the chest in ways that help to perfect yoga postures it has also been found to be helpful in clinical situations. Patients have been aided with lordosis, scoliosis, kyphotic posture and other conditions of the back, chest and shoulders.

For more information and to purchase one of your own click the image above. You can also see some reviews on the site.

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Nasal breathing in Yoga

Nasal breathing is a healthy practice.  The wisdom of the yogis is confirmed by medical science.

Nasal breathing is a good way to moderate activity and stay focused on the breath and not push beyond your own endurance level.  It will also dilate your blood vessels and lower your blood pressure and decrease your heart rate.  It is a little known fact that our nasal passages generate nitric oxide which is a vascular dilater.  Simply by breathing through our noses we "sip" this beneficial gas into our bloodstreams.  So as you move through your day you can help yourself to better health just by breathing through your nose!


The bheka Cloud Premium Yoga Mat - what makes it one of the best

The bheka CLOUD Mat is made by the same German factory that produces Long Life Mats and the Manduka Black Mat Pro. It is thicker than the long life mats and provides a bit more cushion than the Black Mat Pro. Plus it has antimicrobial qualities based on being infused with silver. It is enough cushion for pilates and firm enough for standing poses. It is truly a great mat for any practice.

For more information about this excellent mat, take a look at our website: bheka CLOUD Mat

The Heart of Yoga

At root Yoga is about recognizing the interconnectedness of all things. Every molecule of our bodies was merely stardust millennia ago. Some connections are subtle and ancient like our relationship to the stars. Some are ongoing and appear just below our ability to sense them. Here is a way we are all connected at the heart level through electromagnetic energy.
"Our heart creates the strongest electromagnetic field of our body. It is up to sixty times as strong as the field the brain generates and can be detected up to fifteen feet from the body."  

Think of this the next time you are on a bus, or meeting with your boss or hugging a loved one. Your hearts electromagnetic energy is constantly in contact with everyone around you. It is a beautiful way we are all connected. 

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Keeping the Yoga Spirit Alive Outside the Studio this Summer

You and your friends will look stylish around the pool and the barbie and keep the yoga spirit alive outside the studio with these fun and useful items... With temps in the 80's and 90's this past week, we are starting our summer sales just in time.

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