Authentic Indian Malas

Our malas are made from native neem, rudraksha seeds, tulsi and red and yellow sandalwood. These are the traditional bead materials used in India. They wear beautifully when used for mantra repetition and look lovely when worn as decorations.

These Mala Beads come to us from Brindavan, India, where they have been hand crafted from local materials, and serve as an intrinsic part of the culture. Walking on the streets of Brindavan, you will see strings of Malas in hands, used to count repetitions of one-hundred-and-eight mantras, worn around the neck to remind the wearer of his or her inherent holy nature, and hung on statues of deities and on the corners of framed pictures of gurus and saints. Each string of Malas contains 108 beads, a number which holds manifold numerological and mythological significance within the Hindu tradition. For Hindus it is the number most connected to human life.

Rosewood, also known as Red Sandalwood, is considered by Indian culture to be deeply connected with the divine feminine, or Goddess energy. Wearing Rosewood Malas is said to enhance skin health, and improve circulation, and in so doing, bring out the beauty of the Goddess. It is also believed to strengthen the aura and to deflect negative energy.

Yellow Sandalwood is traditionally used in sacred ceremonies and to purify holy places. The word sandalwood in sanskrit is chandana and because of the high regard sandalwood is held in, all things excellent are referred to as chandana in sanskrit. The scent of sandalwood is used in meditation to clarify the mind and sharpen intelligence. At the same time it is calming and uplifting for mood fortifying courage, purpose, strength and happiness. Some of our beads are specially grooved to increase their surface area and release their pleasant aroma. We also have a less expensive Yellow Sandalwood. It has smooth beads, no knots between the beads and no tassel. This simplified mala has two threads which can be used to attach the "head bead" or pendant of your choice or can be snipped off if you prefer the necklace unadorned.

The Rosewood beads are about 5 mm in diameter. The length of the necklace is about 15.5 inches and contains 108 genuine Indian Rosewood (Red Sandalwood) beads. The grooved Yellow Sandalwood beads are about 7mm in diameter. The necklace is about 16 inches long and contains 108 genuine Indian Sandalwood beads. The smooth Yellow Sandalwood beads are about 6 mm in diameter. The necklace is about 12 inches long and contains 108 genuine Indian Sandalwood beads.

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