Lotus Variation

Lotus variation

After yesterday where I looked so severe, I felt compelled to post this where I am smiling, though it is hard to read when I am upside down. I often think of the Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2 verse 69 when doing a headstand. The gist of it is that night for most people is a time of wakefulness for those on the path and the time of activity for most is the time for the yogi to rest.
 My take on this is that the yogi sees things from a different perspective. When others are frantic the yogi is calm and when those around him or her are complacent the yogi is vigilant. The yogi goes his or her own way since he or she is always looking more deeply into things rather than dwelling on the surface where most people focus. So along those lines, on the surface, it looks like I am having more fun in the arms open version since I am smiling and it is easier to see me since I am less on my forehead and more on the top of my head but actually it is quite the opposite. I only did the arms out front version since I thought it would photograph better. I much prefer to tilt the head forward a bit more which straightens my neck and I like being on the tripod of my forearms. It feels much more stable and I can stay like that for a long time. The other is easier to tip and requires more arm strength. The additional care I must take with the arms in front makes me a little nervous and I sometimes smile to mask my nerves. In the hands clasped version I am calm and relaxed and enjoying myself more.


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