My Unsexy Yoga Butt is Really Cute.... Really

Well I never thought I would be writing about yoga and my sex appeal but here I am. I don't like the way my boxer shorts bunch up like a diaper under my thermal underwear in this photo. I am now wondering why I care so much about looking like a baby? The old yogis were constantly photographed in things that looked like infant underwear. I should be proud to be in the lineage of these great men in cotton swaddling clothes, but instead I'm worried people will think I am a nerdy jerk because my undies are rumpled and you can't see the genuine curve of my cute butt. Instead it looks like a sack of misshapen potatoes. Let me just make this completely clear. I HAVE A CUTE BUTT. If I am going to show myself off like this, I want people to know that even if I'm not the greatest photographer, nor the most bendy yogi, I do have a shapely rear! I haven't a clue why this particular thing is so important to me, but there it is.

 Wading into the flow of modern life through Instagram has been a revelation. I had no idea how much yoga was all about yoga butt until I saw so many great looking ones in so many different settings every day. I admit, I never tire of looking at the beautiful shape of a comely female form. And, though I know I will never be able to offer the male equivalent of this, since I don't have 6 pack abs or a chiseled body, I am concerned that I don't show yoga off to its best advantage if I look too sloppy or unattractive. I am afraid to make myself and my business into a joke. So I am now striving to upgrade my look a bit. Soon I will ditch the boxers. Who knows, one day I might even get a haircut. Nah. That would be too vain ;--)

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