Organic Cotton Oversized Eye Pillow

A Popular Aid to Relaxation.

About a year ago we ran out of this great oversized eye pillow. Since it was popular and we make it ourselves, we were eager to make more but were stymied by our supplier being all out of this dark, soft and heavy fabric.

Fortunately a customer who had stocked her studio with them needed a bunch more and checked with me about a month ago. Then I found the material was back in stock so here they are. I couldn't be more pleased.

Recent studies have shown that gentle pressure on the eyes and a completely dark environment enhance relaxation. Our bodies naturally respond to this stimulus (or lack of it) by slowing down.

The Bheka Dark Blue Organic Cotton and Hemp Over-Sized Eye Pillow scented with Organic Lavender and filled with Organic Flax is perfect for triggering the parasympathetic nervous system. Whether you are doing restorative yoga, yoga nidra or just taking a little nap this big little pillow will enhance your experience.

At 9 inches long and filled with close to 10oz of organic flaxseed this is more than 20% longer and heavier than a standard eye pillow. Lavender is a scent with well-known, natural relaxant and soothing properties. This pillow is proudly made in the USA.

Click the image above for more information and to purchase.

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