Angel and My Sister

On Saturday, my sister Dee of Yoga Boca and I toured the Hippocrates Institute which fortunately is only 30 minutes from Dee's home in Delray Beach. To me Hippocrates has always been rawfood, vegan mecca. Years ago an old yogi named Ramesh Lahiri from Ananda Ashram in NY taught me the wonders of sprouting and live foods. Much of what he knew came from this wondrous place. I spent about 18 months keeping my diet very clean, raw vegan and never felt more alive. However, when I moved my sprouts did not do well in the new location and I fell out of the habit. It is time consuming and I have opted for more convenient ways to be vegan ever since. I enjoyed my recent visit to this raw food heaven though. At the lunch buffet there are unlimited quantities of all kinds of sprouts, vegan dressings, lots of edible veggies and juices. All the goodness with the ease of having it done for you. For raw foodies and the raw curious I can't say enough good things about this lovely spot.

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