Neck Free Handstand

I was delighted at the warm reception this first posting of this video received yesterday and I was horrified when I saw that most of the image was cropped out. Sorry. I am sort of new at this and learning the ins and outs. The main thing that you missed yesterday is how my hands relax completely while I do the pose and how I get in and out of it. For those who missed yesterday's posting here is more info about the practice of neck-less headstand.

Many people who want to perform a headstand find that due to a neck injury, fear or just plain common sense it really is not for them. Let's face it, the cervical vertebrae are small and evolved to carry the head not the whole body. It is unlikely that someone who has not trained extensively to develop the necessary muscles, flexibility and balance would be able to do Sirsasana safely. Still, they may want to experience the world completely upside down, feel the blood rushing to their heads, have their digestion eased and maybe they want to meditate on the nectar of the moon at the base of the brain dripping into the fire of the sun in their bellies. Whatever the motivation doing a headstand safely and comfortably is the goal.

The set up in this video is a great way to safely approach this classic posture. Of special note are the two bheka Tadpoles on top of the stacks of cork blocks. These mini-cushions stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls mold to the contours of my shoulders making this much more comfortable than pressing my shoulders directly on the firm cork blocks. I prefer cork or wood to foam since they form a more stable base, but foam will do in a pinch. Either way, the Tadpoles add a whole new level of comfort to this wonderful modification. For more information on bheka Tadpoles and Cork Blocks just go to my website: and search "bheka Tadpoles" or "bheka Cork Blocks".

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