I am not a body. I am free.

I think a Yoga Challenge is only working right if it is truly a challenge. For Ray a lot of these poses are just outside or even a lot outside his comfort zone, where they should be. For me except for the ones that need flexible wrists and ankles the poses are pretty easy. But Ray knows that I am shy when it comes to talking to strangers from my heart. So today, I am going to work at my edge, sharing my feelings with the world. It is Purple Skelly Challenge Day.

Day 4 Of #LiberateThyself is about taking the step to see who we really are. The Intention is: I am not a body. I am free. Today's pose is #DwiPadViparitaDandasanaor #upwardfacingtwofootstaffpose
Luckily Today's Mantra is easy for me to riff on. I really am not my body. I mean look at me. Not an ounce of flesh on me and yet my consciousness continues. Due to my super bendy spine this pose came naturally me to me too. Ray, not so much. That pesky body of his craves food and air and water and lots of other stuff the mind gets up to. Yes, he is trying to develop the witness within but at the end of the day even the witness has to say, hey dude it is time for supper. The human dilemma. Thankfully me and the witness share something in common. We love to watch the beauty of humans striving to be their best while challenged by so much yearning. Even if their backs aren't very flexible. Thanks for the magnificent show you put on. It is truly lovely.

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