This traditional yoga practice is the most far out and groovy of any that I know. Why the ultra passe hippy lingo? Because doing this often brings on a certain kind of psychedelic bliss that can best be described as "trippy". Now don't freak out. You won't see melting walls or end up staring at a light bulb for hours. (I hear a lot of you saying aw shucks and darn it.) But I'm guessing you won't be disappointed by the light show that this practice often induces. It was while I was enjoying the practice of Yoni Mudra that I first saw the shining circle of fire I think of as the eye in the pyramid. While performing this I have experienced many cool geometric fields of lightwork lattices, brilliant universes populated by starlike points of light and even inky blackness so intense that I had to repeat a mantra to keep me company so the fear of dark nothingness would not overwhelm me. This is not for the faint of heart. Read on if you dare, brave one.

Yoni mudra is an effort to seal off all your senses and re-experience the quiet of the womb. Yoni is Sanskrit for "female reproductive organ" and the yoni mudra is a gesture designed to help one crawl back to this point of origin without actually leaving ones meditation cushion, chair or yoga mat. You can do it anywhere but it is usually done sitting upright after some relaxing breathing exercises that help to set a mood of receptivity. It can, however, be done cold with no preparation, as long as you have a few minutes to spare and are in the mood to experience the eternal void.

Here's how:
Put your right thumb in your right ear and your left thumb in your left ear and spread your fingers wide as if you were imitating a moose's antlers. Now wiggle your fingers and stick your tongue out. Oh wait that's the nah, nah ... nah, nah mudra. Ok, stop laughing and let's get serious. The thumbs do start in the ears with the other fingers outstretched. Bring your index fingers to your closed eye lids. Put the tips of your middle fingers on either side of your nostrils. Finally, place your ring finger on your upper lip and your pinky on your lower lip. Inhale deeply through the nose and then more or less simultaneously, press the thumbs to close the ears off, exert gentle pressure on the eyes with the pointer fingers, shut the nostrils with the middle fingers lightly pushed in and squeeze the lips shut between the remaining fingers. Stay like this till you need to breathe. When you do, take a few breaths and enjoy whatever comes with your eyes closed. When you are ready for more, take a deep breath and press as before. Repeat this whole process a third time. After the last go round rest completely with eyes closed, watching the images in front of you change and shift. Open when you are done.
yoni mudra preparation

yoni mudra
When you try this I'd love to know how you like it.
Peace Out!
Right On!
Keep the Faith! etc, etc, etc....

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