I am Liberated

Wow, today is the last day of this Challenge. While I am looking forward to being freed from the discipline of having to do a difficult pose every day, I am also saddened by losing this particular creative outlet to share with the world. Skelly and I have had fun out here and appreciate all the supportive, joyful comments from friends old and new.

#LiberateThyself The pose is #AdhoMukhaVrksasana, the almighty #handstand. The Intention is "I am liberated."

So Skelly is really liberated today. She is normally 5 inches tall but for this special day she is as big as me! Mahima, the ability to grow large is one of the siddhis referred to in the Yoga Sutras. It can be experienced many ways, devotion and contemplation being the most natural and long lasting. I hope that's how Skelly managed her "growth spurt" but even if it isn't I just love having her be as big as me.

I feel liberated as well. This week on Instagram was sort of a coming out party for my feed. I had a chance to share about a lot of cool yoga related stuff which I always like to do and I picked up close to 200 new followers and many hundreds of likes for me and Skelly doing what we love to do. Bless you all. I hope you enjoy the regular posts as they resume tomorrow ;--)

This post is the last in a series! To learn more about this Yoga challenge, click here: Instagram Yoga Challenge

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