My body is my vehicle for expressing my greatness

Day 6 of #LiberateThyself is about choosing to use your body to create some epic! Intention: My body is my vehicle for expressing my greatness. I am a vehicle for expressing my greatness. The pose is #ParsvaBhujaDandasana or#flyingpigeon. Here is what I know about greatness and I think Skelly agrees. I may be great at something, say math or yoga poses or vegan cooking but if it is not connected to my heart it is just exercising a skill. Using my body to express my greatness is just an ego trip unless it feeds something deeper inside me. When I am using my skills to advance my hearts true longing then it is assured that something beautiful is being made. To ensure greatness, I need to find my passion and follow my heart. I have found a deep satisfaction in getting in touch with my feelings and being able to share about them and to be in touch with others who are striving to do the same. I enjoy coming into community with this attitude. And I love seeing it expressed by others. I am learning to lean into the discomfort of being exposed because of the enjoyment I take from being seen. Skelly for her part expresses her greatness with her grace, flexibility and nakedness. She loves to be bendy and her joy in uninhibited posturing is infectious. She loves making people smile and encouraging them on the path. She has been a great inspiration to me, helping me to find my voice.

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