Vegan Fruit Fly Control

Ever notice how at the end of the season it seems like fruit flies become more determined to hang on. As a vegan, I always have a supply of fruits and vegetables on hand. September is a great time for harvested veggies but buying from the local farm stand and even the supermarkets this time of year often brings unwanted visitors who ruin the fruit that is left out. A brilliant solution was offered to me by a friend many years ago and it has made life with fruit flies easier ever since. Find a small jar or two with metal tops and put in something you know fruit flies love. A banana peel or rotten piece of apple or a couple of grapes will do. Then poke a hole or two or three in the tops of the jars and leave it where fruit flies like to congregate. The flies love to come in the jar and are not great at getting out. Once or twice a day you can take them outside and open the lid. Sometimes I blow in the jar to motivate diehards or even pour water in it to wash them out. This cuts down the population to tolerable levels and doesn't hurt the files much either. If you know someone with a fruit fly problem this could be just the tip they need ;--)

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