Kitchen Yoga

This photo really makes me smile. Seeing Leslie balanced parallel to the floor caught my eye. Then I followed the clean line of her taught body to her feet resting on a unique prop. Her trash bin.

As a prop supplier, I suppose I shouldn't love this so much but the creativity of using whatever is at hand to enhance practice is always welcome. Plus, I love that she is practicing in the kitchen, something I have done many times for various reasons. Finally, the lines of the photo seem to suggest that this was not just a random shot that happens to look great, but someone chose just the right place to make this pose look as good as possible. Notice how the contours of the kitchen counter and mirror frame mimic her position and reinforce it. Sort of holding her up in the air. Then the door to the room and the fridge direct your gaze to her. Just wonderful.

I love seeing such a masterful use of the camera too. Kudos to you Leslie making such a fine offering. @leslieharrisyoga

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