I Love My Body

#LiberateThyself "I Love My Body" Is the Mantra for the challenge that has me and Skelly doing#Purvottanasana or #upwardplank.

Well Ok. I do love my body and Skelly loves hers too. What's left of it anyway. It has been suggested by our kind hosts that not only do we focus on our special fondness for our bodies, but we tell you 3 things in particular that we are crazy about. Here goes. I love the way my body surprises me with pulses. I feel them in my head, my stomach, my hands, my legs, gosh, just about anywhere. Sometimes I have to be quiet and still to sense them and sometimes they intrude. Sometimes they feel familiar and sometimes they feel new. Regardless, I like the way the syncopate and inform my life. I also adore the way I can feel a stretch throughout my body, more intensely in some places and less in others and how I can shift the intensity of this sensation with movement. I love exploring that! On a more mundane level I love that much of the hair that I have left is still red. I like being a red head and hope that holds up awhile. Skelly for her part loves being purple which is good since she is very purple. She loves how flexible she is without all that pesky flesh to hold her back. And she also loves the body that has fallen away. She knows her sinews and guts are going back to their prior molecular states and returning thus transformed to support us all in new ways and that thought makes her happy.

This post is part of a series! To learn more about this Yoga challenge and win great prizes, get the rules here: Instagram Yoga Challenge

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