Red Lentil Love

In order to do my part to end global warming and encourage the change in seasons to manifest, I made my first Lentil soup since winter ended, last night. Cold weather must surely follow. I hope. Regardless, this recipe is a favorite because it is so simple and tasty.

     The only exotic ingredient is nutritional yeast flakes.   It is part of the seasoning for the veggie stock.  If you have some other veggie stock you like you can  sub it for the water and you can skip the flakes, however, I recommend this stock since it is the prime flavoring of the soup.

     This takes about 15 minutes to prep and an hour to cook using red lentils.  You can sub brown or green but your cooking time and consistency may vary.

4 TBSP Olive Oil
2 Chopped Medium Onions
6 Large Garlic Cloves Sliced
1 TSP Red Pepper Flakes or 1/2 TSP Ground Red Pepper (optional, I leave out when making for kids)

9 Cups Water or Veggie Stock
If using water, have these things on hand referred to in the recipe as "Stock Spices"
3TBSP Nutritional Yeast Flakes
2 TSP Salt
1 TSP Onion Powder
1 TSP Paprika
1/2 TSP Garlic Powder
1/4 TSP Dried Parsley Flakes
1/4 TSP Marjoram (Sub Thyme or Oregano if you don't keep Marjoram around)
Pinch or two of turmeric and a shake or two of black pepper.

2 2/3 cups of Red Lentils

     Heat Oil to medium.  Add chopped onions.  After 5 minutes add garlic and pepper flakes.  Cook till onions and garlic are soft.
     Add water, stock spices and lentils.  Bring to boil, then simmer for an hour or till lentils have desired softness, the red ones become mush.  Stir regularly while simmering.

Once this is cooking you have an hour to tidy up and make whatever you want with the soup.  Pictured below is hummus and celery prepared while the soup was cooking.  The stock recipe is great for anything calling for a veggie stock.  With the nutritional yeast base, it is tasty and very good for you.
    To your health, love and bliss.


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