Chiming Tibetan Singing Bowl

One of the things I love about these bowls is that they are all unique. Not only do they each have a unique sound but the way they sing tends to vary as well. Some like hard pressure with the wand and others prefer soft. The speed of rotation will also change the toning. Some bowls are magnificent with a slow rotation and some with a faster circling.

It took me a long time to even be able to get one to tone. There is a sensitivity to the vibration of the wand that took me awhile to develop. The story of how that happened is sort of funny.
I had recently received a shipment from India including this type of bowl. I eagerly took a dozen with me to a conference in Canada. There my helper, Sherrie, was wonderful at toning with the bowls. I could barely make them squeak. It was ironic. Here I was a Tibetan Bowl Vendor and I could not demonstrate the product. Luckily my colleague was a whiz at it. I intently watched Sherrie and customers when they were using the bowls and when it was quiet in the booth I would hold one in my hand and circle it with the wand hoping for magic. This went on for some hours on and off during the first day of the show.

Finally, while Sherrie was on break in the late morning, i got the knack. I was mesmerized by the ethereal tone I had helped bring forth. I was surprised to note that even though I had the bowl in my hand the tone sounded like it was coming down from the sky not up from the ground. I was delighted. Fortunately, it is like riding a bike and I have been an able toner ever since. I love doing it now. I like ending class with it and I find it soothing to do when no one is around. I try to love all my products equally but this one has a special resonant place in my heart.

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