I treat my body like a temple

I'm glad I am doing this Challenge with my friend Purple Skelly. Doing enough yoga to warm up to complete the day's pose each day is strenuous. I am trying to do my best (as #DonMiguelRuiz suggests) and as a result I have been sore in one place or another all week. I actually feel strong and capable but I"m not sure I wouldn't skip a day or two unless I had a partner to coax me along and of course the challenge rules to guide me.

Day 5 of #LiberateThyself is about making a declaration. The intention is: I treat my body like a temple. The pose is #Marichyasana

This one is tough for me. Self care is not high on my list of priorities. I try to eat well and maintain my weight (which had gotten away from me for a few years) but beyond that I ignore my physical needs more than is optimal. I can be sporadic on the exercise piece and I am awful about regular checkups with the dentist and doctor. Purple Yoga Bendy Skelly for her part is very low maintenance being all bones and well, dead already, and she always looks great without any adornment since purple goes with everything. For my part I will declare here to exercise regularly 3 or more days per week over and above any gentle yoga sessions I may do. A rigorous session will count toward the 3 days. I will also go to the dentist and the doctor before the end of the year for check ups. There are other things I should probably look at in terms of wardrobe and hair and stuff, but I'm thinking I shouldn't commit to too much now, so I will just hit the high spots. One way to get myself to do this is to think if I had a child who needed what I need would I give it to them. If the answer is yes, I proceed. Here I go. Wish me luck.

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