Taking Support Where We Can Get It

Ray's Perspective
Today is the Fourth Day of the SPOOKYASANA Yoga Challenge! Today's pose is Wheel pose chakrasana .

OK, I will admit it, backbends are not really my thing. If I did my natural wheel it would look like I had a flat. Really. More like table pose for sure. OK, so I looked around my hometown of #gardinerny for a circular prop to help me pose the shot and there in front of the firehouse was a ring that I think is part of some sort of old-fashioned gong that was used for an alarm in days gone by. I have never seen it rung but I imagine it gives off a massive tone. As I considered how to relate to it I realized it would make a great prop to support my backbend and help me get an arch that I could not achieve otherwise. Of course, now I want one in my backyard ;--)

Skelly's Perspective

Hello, yoga peeps! You may recognize the arc below me from Ray's post earlier tonite. When you are only 5 inches tall you get a deeper perspective on things. Imagine all the cool stuff you could see if you were atomic sized or better yet a zooming around little quark or neutrino. Well, I will have to settle for the textures that a bendy little skeleton gets to explore. I enjoy this special view and hope you do too!

Happy Fourth Day of Spookyasana!

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