Grapes And Melon

One morning a few weeks ago I put some melon in an old pint container from a Chinese takeout dinner and then put some grapes on top of the melon. Without trying I had made something that was at once complex and simple, beautiful to look at and meaningful to me in terms of self-care. Some mornings I would have just popped the lid on and thrown it in my backpack and left the house but on this particular morning I was very open and the special energy of the moment and my gratitude for it were palpable. Later that morning I found a leaf suspended on spider silk bobbing in the wind and watched it in fascination for some minutes. And inside the house, a picture of my ex-girlfriends daughter when we went to Disney brought me to tears because my memory of that day and the pluckiness of that little girl who was red-faced and exhausted but hung in till she got her picture with a princess. In some ways, I felt too open to engage in the world, to go to work and be the boss. And yet those are exactly the days when I am the best at what I do. There are times when I don't appreciate anything. I barely notice the world around me. And times when it all pours in. Practicing yoga, meditation, and other somatic practices seem to create the right environment for having the world register in me. Beyond fear and anxiety and into the simple beauty of life. I hope you like the grapes. ;--)

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