No Help From Above

Day 3 of #LiberateThyself. The Intention is "I always receive divine guidance on what to do next." Pose: #Parsvottanasana #IntenseSideStretch .

I'm sorry but this is where I get off the bus.

I know intentions are set in simple affirmative statements as if they already are true like, I always treat people kindly or I only eat foods that are good for me and good for the planet or other nice ideas that I hope I can manifest but, "I always receive divine guidance on what to do next," is just a bridge too far for me.

I have learned that I am happier if I follow my heart's stirrings and I have made some major decisions based what I feel deeply more so than what I think. I like living this way. I feel happier and freer than I did when I let my head guide everything. And while it feels right, I would not ascribe the guidance to the Lord or the Universe. Getting really quiet so I can hear from myself is sublime, but the voice of what I hear, even when it is a novel insight, is mine.

Maybe I have been reading too much Pema Chodron lately. She seems to say that reliance on divine beings for guidance or anything else is the kind of fantasy that blinds us to our true situations. Looking for help from above all we are likely to get is stiff necks. But going within and becoming familiar with our best and worst impulses may give us a chance to make the same mistakes fewer times than we would if we could not sit with all the stuff that comes up. So today I am going to reword this intention to make it mine. " I always strive to listen to my heart's stirrings and to greet whatever comes up with friendliness, compassion, and joy. I will let this process influence my decisions. "
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