We did it! Day 7 of October's #LiberateThyself. The Intention is: I am liberated. Pose: #Compass #ParivrttaSuryaYantrasana

Ahhhh. It is over. This is the last day of this month's Liberate Thyself challenge. I am glad. It was interesting navigating doing poses I could only partially manifest and writing about intentions supplied by someone else that made me really consider things about my personal truth that might not have been up for me otherwise. It has been an enjoyable learning process in many ways.

For me, liberation is not a goal state but rather an ideal. Like world peace or the end of suffering it is something I can work toward but never expect to get to. I like the idea that I can make some progress in this lifetime and I constantly strive to. In this sense, I am liberated from being completely locked into my old patterns. I am aware I have habitual behaviors and I am actively involved in trying to see myself more clearly and acting more consciously.

One big thing that has been hard for me is accepting that I will experience fear, anger, pain and all manner of suffering and that it is OK. Leaning into these things helps me to learn from them. Understanding helps them to pass more quickly, leaving me open for what's next.

It is funny in a way. This striving for liberation is the great work at the center of my life and I expect never to achieve it. Yet, I pursue it every day. Whenever I think I have made some progress, I see more clearly how vast is the gulf between me and my goal. Having a sense of humor about these things helps a lot.

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