Doing Yoga In My Little Town

Ray's Perspective

Today is the Fifth Day of the SPOOKYASANA Yoga Challenge! Today's pose is Side Plank Pose or Vasisthasana .

I'm guessing this is the first time someone has done yoga on the steps of the Gardiner Town Hall. I was so focused on what I was doing that I didn't really think about it and well I suppose I'm used to being the only one doing yoga in lots of situations.
At the airport or in the aisle of the plane and sometimes even in my seat, yeah I'm that guy. Or at the highway rest stop or behind my car while I'm getting gas. Or at work while waiting for the xerox machine to warm up. On line at the bank or the supermarket, I try to modify enough that it is not obvious but I'm practicing there too. If a friend is late and I have a few minutes to kill or if I arrive early and don't want to intrude I always have something to do.
How about you? What are the funny little places you sneak in a little yoga? Share about it and help me feel less alone.

Skelly's Perspective

Yesterday was our first snow of the season and I got a chance to come out of my coffin and bust a yoga move for Spookyasana. I love this time of year when everything is dying. The trees are bare or nearly so, insects retreat to where ever insects go in the winter and a soul can be very much alone in the middle of a field that a few weeks ago would have been full of insect and animal life. This fallow, quiet time is perfect for me to rise from my crypt and walk the earth. Some people don't like winter but I hope we can all appreciate the beauty of the first snow and the release of energy from the spirit realms to flow and whistle on the North Winds.

Happy Fifth Day of Spookyasana!

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