Loving the Work You Do

For Day 4 of #LiberateThyself, the Intention is "I make a living doing what I love - easily!" Pose: #UtthitaHastaPadangusthasana #extendedhandtobigtoepose .

Here are some tips on turning things you don't love to do into things you enjoy doing. Notice as you approach the work you are not naturally drawn to how you feel in your body. Do you get tense, your breath shorten? Try to relax, recognizing the task won't be any easier if you are rigid and breathing shallowly. Take some deep breaths and maybe do some stretching into the areas that feel tightest. Once you are more comfortable perhaps you can re-imagine the work so that it is easier to do.
One of the things I used to not like to do at work was paying bills. Settling down to check the invoices against the receiving tickets and the prices charged against the negotiated costs I expected to be paying is the kind of niggling detail work I liked the least. Just thinking about all this made me anxious and uncomfortable. So here is what I did to change my situation. I started thinking about the goods I was receiving and how happy they were making people and how the money I was paying out was supporting folks who were creating things of value that I love being able to sell. This made it so much easier to do what had been a distasteful task. Now I look forward to paying my bills because it is a chance to come into contact with all the connections that make the business I love work.
I suggest you try this. Meditate on the work you don't like and let yourself be open to all the good things that flow from it. Try to keep those things in mind as you move through this work and soon you will be doing what you love - easily.

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