Finding Balance

Welcome to Day 1 of #LiberateThyself! The intention is: I am willing to see my career differently. The pose is #Virabhadrasana 3, #BalancingStickPose. Today is about sharing my personal definition of success.

This is a tough one for me. There are so many ways to be successful as a seller of yoga supplies and a yogi and of course then there are so many ways to fail. The days when I can give each goal the attention it deserves and also the space to happen, however, it is meant to happen, are good days.

As a businessman, making money is a key aim. As an employer being sure my employees have the resources to do their jobs and attain satisfaction from the work is important. As a yoga prop supplier, some of my deepest satisfaction comes from knowing my products alleviate suffering. That many backs, knees, wrists are soothed and protected by my products. The fact that people are helped on their personal journeys by the books I sell and the ideas I share on social media means a lot to me.

As a yogi, some of my most satisfying days are when I can stop myself every hour or so and breathe and feel into my body and stay in touch with present moment consciousness. These days, when I can keep in touch with first order reality amidst the swirl of all the other competing goals are the most satisfying of all.

Please note: The Pink 908 Sarong in the background is a comprehensive posture chart with 908 yoga poses created by Sri Yogi Dharma Mittra. You can find more information about it on my site by going to
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