Full Split (Sort Of ;--)

For Day 2 of #LiberateThyself , the Intention is "I create my destiny." Pose: #Hanumanasana or #fullsplit . Today’s step is about consciously deciding what you want.

How much do I consciously decide for myself? On a very deep level, many things are decided for me. For better or worse I was subjected to compulsory education and inoculations. I grew up in a culture that values money, education, white men, individualism and many other things that have informed me, whether I embrace them or not. My parents, family, community all have values and have created structure that I need to navigate or lose connection. Often this is the choice of growth. True independence means letting some measure of safety and security die so that whatever we hope will be more satisfying can take its place.

I have shed a lot of skins to get where I am today personally. I have had more death dreams than I can remember. I moved from the suburbs to the country. I quit my high paying job to start my own small business. I have spent countless hours on personal growth and yet I know I am still acting out much that was preprogrammed into me as an infant.
Just like Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita; the field of battle I am offered is not my own creation. I have a role to play which is foisted upon me. The Lord decides all outcomes. What I can do is to play this role in a way that is satisfying. I can decide to fight or to go home but I can't decide whether there is war or not, nor can I decide who wins.

I did not create Instagram nor even this Yoga Challenge. The last time I tried to do a full split was many years ago when I was practicing advanced yoga regularly. Even then, I was a few inches off the floor. That few inches have grown to a foot. This is not a battle I have been waging. It is fun for me to be in this place where many physical posture warriors share their excellence and to make my offering here as well. I like holding the space for the journey. We each can only offer what we have or decide not to make an offering. That much is up to us. In taking this challenge I have decided to add my voice in this community. I appreciate the warm welcome.

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