Funny Yoga Outtake

Hello Yoga Peeps,
Here is something I am surprised we don't see more of out here. Yoga outtakes. I'm sure I am not the only one who has some funny experiences on the way to "that perfect shot". This was my first attempt at #visvamitrasana for the camera and obviously, I hadn't worked it out entirely yet.
Back in the day, all we had was Light on Yoga and the desire to do stuff we could see in the book. There were no step by step videos to help us figure out how to bend ourselves into all these unusual shapes. As you can imagine miscues like this one were very common, until one figured out a good approach to each pose.
I love that there is so much clear instruction available today. Even when working on something alone at home you can feel connected to this whole community of people striving to do similar stuff as you are.
And if something funny happens I now have close to 800 friends I can share it with right away.
Peace and Love,
Technical note: I have the camera set up on a 20-second delay. So, I hit the shutter release button then hurry onto my mat and try to organize myself quickly so I am in position when the camera makes 9 exposures in rapid succession. When I go to review it loads the 9 images one after the other so I saw basically what you see in the video. I was so busy tipping over that I didn't realize the camera capture the whole event and I laughed out loud when I saw my arms and legs akimbo ;--)

Please note: The Red 908 Sarong in the background is a comprehensive posture chart with 908 yoga poses created by #SriYogiDharmaMittra. You can find more information about it on my website at

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