It's Good To Be A Tree

Today is the Third Day of the SPOOKYASANA Yoga Challenge! Today's pose is Tree pose.

Ray's Perspective...

5 months ago my girlfriend became my ex-girlfriend and she and her daughter both became my ex- living companions. This happened during a very busy period in late spring when I was traveling a lot for work and though I grieved in the periods when I found myself alone; weeping in the airport shuttle from the parking lot to the terminal or once home as I pushed the cart down the aisle at the supermarket were better than not mourning at all but left more work to do, since they were necessarily truncated. As Summer has turned to Fall I have grown more reflective and I have developed a personal practice to help me move through the incredible range of difficult feelings that come up.

With days growing shorter my sense of unease mounts and all kinds of feelings are emerging that need to be recognized. I have a tendency to distract myself with crossword puzzles, work, computer chess, tv and other activities, pushing the discomfort away. I also realize, when I do this, I am just pushing off into the future looking at what is alive in me now.

To combat my tendency to look outward, my habitual damming up of emotion with distraction, I have set up a new practice which I have been liking a lot, even when, or rather, especially when, it is hard to get through. It is a simple three step process that has been great for helping me keep things in perspective and keep going, but I don’t have room to detail it here. 
                                                      Skelly's Perspective...

The Fall is such a lovely time of year to be a tree. Relieved of the pressure of holding all those nasty, heavy leaves, stripped to the bare essence a tree can really show the beauty of it's architecture. No X-ray is necessary to see it's bones. Of course,  you might say in the Autumn a tree becomes more like me. How nice for the tree ;--)

Happy Third Day of Spookyasana!

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