Balance in Giving and Receiving

Day 6 of #LiberateThyself is about reorganizing your relationship with money and work. The Intention is : I give freely and I receive freely. Pose: #Visvamitrasana .

Giving and receiving is the basis for all relationships. Whether it is energy, money, food, time, or even the cold shoulder, the silent treatment or the evil eye we are constantly giving something and receiving something from others. A work relationship is no different. And like everything else these things need to be in balance.

Giving freely in a balanced situation where you are receiving a lot in return is a beautiful thing. Striving to create that in your life is something we can all aspire to and hopefully achieve.

Please note: The Red 908 Sarong in the background is a comprehensive posture chart with 908 yoga poses created by #SriYogiDharmaMittra. You can find more information about it on my website at

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