Paddleboard Fun at Yoga Life Style!

Here I am in the parking lot of the Yoga Life Style building on my paddle board. Things are really lush right now and I am fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful place.

I really wanted to do a headstand for you but found that the way I have the board rigged it was too wobbly for me to feel safe. Plus I'm not sure how safe I would feel even if it were extremely firm since it is a high place to fall from at an awkward angle. Of course it could be a good way to go viral on you tube, but looking at it from a hospital bed would not be fun.

You may notice that the board is held on the car with 10 foot Bheka 100% Cotton Yoga Straps. You can't really see but there are mats rolled up underneath the board. This simple rigging works well and I have traveled hundreds of miles with the board set up like this. No one on top of course. I can't recommend doing this since I don't really know the break strength of a Bheka Strap when used this way but so far so good. I can say that I doubt there is anything you can do with the strap in a studio setting that will expose it so to such strong forces and I suppose that is why they are so long lasting ;--)
Below is an outtake of a headstand attempt. Promise not to laugh.
I hope you are having fun this Summer. You can see i am ;--)
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