Tools for a Power Nap

About 4 years ago I injured my back so badly I could not walk.  There was radiating pain down my left leg.  The first night it felt like there was a swarm of angry hornets attacking my knee and lower leg for hours on end.  The pain persisted and was so bad that I did not go to work for two weeks.  When I finally felt OK enough to resume my job, after a few hours the pain would start to come back so I worked half days for awhile.  When I wanted to expand how much I was working, I found that taking a nap after lunch really helped me to extend the amount I could work in the afternoon.

Now, a few years later, my back health is very much improved.  I do things like moving furniture, carrying kids on my shoulders and filling in for my warehouse man when he is off, that most people with bad backs would shy away from.  I returned to seriously improved back health, by listening to my body and giving it what felt supportive.  One of those things is the after lunch nap.  I think being prone for half an hour in the afternoon is deeply restorative and makes the rest of the day go much better.
One recent day after napping, while lying there in a drowse, before returning to work, it occurred to me that these items I sell for support and comfort while practicing yoga are really great aids to my afternoon break. I personally use a mat, a round bolster and a Tadpole while napping and realized others might like the eye pillow, timer, CDs and blanket, so the package below was born.
Of all the items I find the round bolster under my knees the most important.  This wasn't always true but I went through a period where the nap was actually inflaming my back and when I started using the support to bend my legs, tilt my pelvis and flatten my spine it made a huge difference.  Now I often bend my knees when I'm lying on the floor and I always do when I nap in the office.
There is much more info on the the benefits of napping here on my website  Tools for a Power Nap
Plus on that page you can purchase any of the items you see below...


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  2. Dear Yogeshvara, during a recent serious hip injury and subsequent surgery, I also found yoga nidra and supported/restorative poses to be the single most effective thing I could do. In fact some days it was the only think that helped! I already have most of those props but am interested in the tadpole, it looks like just the ticket for neck support. thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Alice, The tadpole is very versatile. I used it in class this week for supported fish pose and then to help bring focused attention to the breath by placing it on the chest and stomach. Plus I used one behind my head for napping of course. One nice aspect of it as a head and neck pillow is that it is buckweat filled so it is form fitting and can be adjusted to desired firmness. Stop in and you can try mine ;--)